Questions and Answers

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for your convenience, we have assembled here the most frequent questions. We hope that the answers to them will be useful.
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Car rental questions

  • Is there an added VAT for a voucher purchased abroad or online in advance?
  • An addition of VAT by law will apply to Israeli citizens who have purchased a prepaid voucher through a website or agent, even if they do not reside in Israel.
  • Can I order a rental car of a specific model and manufacturer?
  • Ordering a vehicle is from a category and does not specify a certain model or manufacturer but based on what is available in the vehicle fleet at the time of vehicle pick up.
  • Is it possible to return the car at a later hour than the time of pick up?
  • A rental day is for 24 hours (or any part of it). A delay of one hour beyond the date of returning the car would be charged for a third the price of the rental day, at the rate of an extra day.
  • Does the credit card owner have to be present in the branch at the time of vehicle pick up?
  • Yes. According to the credit companies’ procedures, when performing a credit transaction the card owner must be present and identified by a valid ID.
  • What are the types of credit cards with which you can make a rental agreement?
  • All credit cards which are not immediate charge cards and which have a credit frame are accepted, including international cards.
  • Who has to pay VAT?
  • The addition of VAT will apply to all rental components. Tourists with a foreign passport entering Israel and presenting a B2, B3, or B4 visa stamp are exempt from this charge. The charge applies to foreign residents with Israeli citizenship.

  • Is driving permitted in the West Bank territories?
  • Driving is permitted throughout the state of Israel, it is forbidden to enter Palestinian authority territories with the vehicle.