Car Sales

Car Sales

Car Sales

We at budget offer first hand vehicles from leasing or rental at particularly affordable terms and prices!

High quality vehicles
Budget services its vehicles at authorized auto garages and maintains strict international standards in the care and maintenance of its vehicles, as these are the only assets it has, and who doesn’t take care of his assets?
We make sure that comprehensive inspections are conducted in the course of the vehicle’s span of service as part of the periodic checkup, in order to ascertain a high and ongoing level of maintenance for our vehicles.
Before a vehicle is sold it undergoes a process of sorting and improvement for mechanics and body work in accordance with the demands of the testing centers. Customers arriving at our sales lots can be impressed by the level of preparation and meticulousness which set a high standard, as is expected of this international brand.

Excellent terms
As a company, Budget has been in the business of car sales for over 30 years, and every year it is successful in breaking conventions and bringing its customers the best terms and pricing package in the market.

In cooperation with off bank financing organizations, Budget currently offers quick finance plans of up to 100% of vehicle value and up to 100,000 ILS with the lowest setup fee currently available in Israel. a customer may currently receive approval for a loan within 20 minutes. Budget offers many and diverse financing plans, from index linked plans, balloon loans, designated loans for trade in vehicles, or plans with up to 100 installments!

In light of our high standards of maintenance, the company currently offers its customers the best and most comprehensive warranty including 11 systems, for a period of up to two years, and all according to the warranty details received by the customer upon taking ownership of the vehicle. The warranty also includes a replacement vehicle free of charge if necessary!

Variety of vehicles
The company maintains a large and diverse fleet of vehicles, including minis, super minis, family cars, executive cars, crossovers, SUVs, Jeeps, minivans, commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles, and other specialty vehicles . Our sales lots are distributed throughout the country and offer the same selection for a customer wishing to buy a vehicle, wherein he has the option of personally ordering any vehicle he wishes from our fleet of cars.

Prices and sales
Thanks to the company’s standing in Israel, its years of activity, accumulated experience, purchasing power, reputation and good level of business ties it maintains with importers in Israel, the company receives preferable conditions which allow it to offer its customers the best prices. The company regularly conducts special and exciting discount sales periodically, whether for new or first hand vehicles, holds sales fairs with special limited time offers, and maintains a n ongoing connection with customers who have elected to become subscribers, in order to be the first to receive notification of sales exclusively for them.