The Budget Gold Warrantee


סמל באדג'ט גולד


The Budget Gold plan is a gold warrantee for anyone who purchase second hand vehicles from us and wants a peace of mind for the first two years following the purchase.

The vehicle is our main asset, and that is why we do everything in order to keep it safe. Throughout the vehicle’s lifespan, we take care of maintenance and repairs at the highest level to make sure that it is in excellent condition.
In addition, every vehicle at Budget undergoes a detailed improvement process, which includes testing by a licensed facility, body work and parts supplementation, mechanical malfunction repair, thorough cleaning and cosmetics. You will not be able to tell the difference between a new vehicle and a first hand vehicle. Aside from the improvement process, we work with full transparency with the client, and provide him with the vehicle’s license, information about the previous owners, if any, a history of the vehicle’s treatments, significant damages and accidents in case it had any, and an overall explanation about the vehicle’s advantages and disadvantages so that he may make an educated decision. Along with all of these parameters, there is no doubt that the buyer leaves with a peaceful mind and a quiet heart. Each of our vehicles comes with some kind of warrantee, but the Budget Gold package provides the best and most comprehensive coverage after a purchase.



What does the Budget Gold Warrantee include?

The Budget Gold warrantee covers you for up to two years from the day of purchase, or up to 20,000 kilometers from the day of purchase. Whichever is first, and under the condition that at the time of purchase, the odometer was not above 130,000 kilometers or if it is a commercial vehicle. In the Budget Gold plan, you have no co-pay, and if, God forbid, your vehicle experiences a malfunction that prevents you from driving it anymore, you will be entitled to an alternate vehicle while we make sure that your vehicle is fixed. This benefit is reserved for you for a period of up to 6 months from the day of purchase.



The Budget Gold Warrantee covers the following assemblies:

Engine - With the exception of oil leaks and oil seals
Gearbox - With the exception of oil leaks, sensors and gear calculators
Steering system
Engine cooling system

Brake system
Exhaust system - With the exception of the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors
Fuel system
Electrical system - With the exception of the engine management computer and sensors
Air conditioning
Battery - the warrantee is valid for 3 months
Window mechanisms - the warrantee is valid for 3 months

It is important to review the warrantee document at the time of purchasing your vehicle, where all the details and conditions for realization are written.