What is Levi Itzhak price list

Each of us knows that when we have to buy or sell anything of high value, such as a vehicle, a house or insurance, we must appraise its price in accordance with a price list as well. There is no doubt that the Levi Itzhak price list is the most valued and popular in every business in Israel, including insurance agencies, real estate agents and car sellers. The Levi Itzhak price list exposes the potential buyer to data about the product, and often times even data that the buyer had not even thought to check, thus helping him to get the very best price for the product that he wishes to purchase.


A Bit of History

In 1971, the “Levi Itzhak” group was founded by Levi Itzhak, who at the time worked as an esteemed appraiser in the vehicle industry. Since that day, the company has been engaging in distributing price lists in a national circulation, which deal mostly with vehicles, real estate and insurance. The company also has an internet site, in which the price of the asset or the vehicle can be appraised according to the Levi Itzhak price list. Thanks to all of the conveniences being offered and the scope of the information that is given to the consumer, it is no wonder that the Levi Itzhak price list has become the most popular price list in most businesses in Israel.


The Levi Itzhak price list

The field of vehicle insurance and appraisal in Israel acknowledges the Levi Itzhak vehicle price list as the standard document, and the majority of business transactions rely on this vehicle price list, since it offers accuracy in assessing the value of the vehicle, aside with being convenient and user friendly. The Levi Itzhak price list deals with the prices of private vehicles, buses, minibuses, trucks, vans, toe trucks and taxi cabs, and it includes most of the models that are being sold today in Israel. All of the data are arranged according to parameters such as: manufacturer, model, finish, and so on.


How is the value of the vehicle being calculated?

As we said, the price list contains hundreds of vehicle models and aside each model, the following data will appear as well: manufacturer’s name, model, model from year, accessories (if any), acceleration, fuel consumption and trunk size. In addition, there is also information on the safety level of the vehicle, which has been divided into two sub-sections, as a result of the increase in vehicle safety awareness in the recent years, and both of them together determine the score: the crash test score according to the European NCAP tests and the safety level in accordance with the safety devices that are installed in the vehicle – ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), sliding prevention system and the number of airbags in the vehicle.


Weighted calculation of the different parameters according to auxiliary tables

If you are using the Levi Itzhak second hand vehicle price list, the next step in determining the value of the vehicle is the auxiliary tables of the price list. The tables include specific data for each and every vehicle, in accordance with its individual condition. Thus, the price of the vehicle will respectively increase or decrease. The data include the vehicle’s mileage (the higher it is in comparison to its year, the more the specific vehicle’s price list goes down), the number of previous owners, the height of the vehicle license fee and renewing it, licensing groups for private vehicles (and commercial ones up to 4 tons) and the vehicle’s general condition.


Decrease in value and tradability

Aside from the auxiliary tables, the price list also places important on the devaluation of the vehicle after an accident:
If the vehicle has been in an accident, a commercial value decrease will apply to it. Meaning, even if the damage was reasonably repaired, the traces of the accident still exist, whether they are visible (to the trained or untrained eye) or if they are recorded in the vehicle’s documents. This could deter the buyer, and therefore decreases the vehicle’s value, in accordance with three parameters:

1. The location and intensity of the damage
2. The nature of the repair
3. The tradability of the vehicle

Tradability, from the words to trade, is the ability to buy or sell an asset. Therefore, another thing that affect the vehicle’s price after an accident is the car’s tradability – a model that sells relatively easily in the market will be less affected by the traces of an accident than a model that is being sold less in the market. This means that the exact same accident will affect two different vehicles in a different way. For that reason, since the commercial value decrease is also affected by the vehicle’s tradability, the change in the vehicle’s value due to its tradability will also be affected, if it has been through an accident.

All of these data are calculated together according to a formula that was developed by the company, and they are the ones who create the vehicle’s final figure, which constitutes its “ID”: the model code. When you intend to sell your vehicle, or are looking to buy a new vehicle, it is recommended to first take a loot at the vehicle’s price list, according to all of the noted parameters, in order to know what is the price list of your vehicle (or of the one that you are interested in buying), before going to the market.

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