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Car rental in Israel

Do you want to rent a car in Israel?
Do you want to receive the best offer?
A wide variety of vehicle for rent are waiting for you at budget branches!
It is well known that it is very difficult to get around Israel without a car, public transportation is not as effective a private vehicle.
At the same time, there is no doubt that not everyone can afford to maintain a car or even two cars, as car maintenance costs are very high. The most effective solution is to rent a car.
Car rental in Israel has become very popular in recent years, mainly due to the convenience, accessibility, and attractive pricing at which you may rent a car for a day or even for several weeks.
We at Budget can offer you a different experience, singular and pleasant, when you rent a car in Israel.

Car rentals for every purpose
Car rentals may be for any purpose, whether it’s for a trip, for work, and even if your car is in the shop.
We at Budget rent cars for any purpose and the fleet of vehicles intended for rental is diverse and can suit anyone, whether it’s a private family car and up to luxury vehicles.
You might be surprised to hear that renting a car in Israel can be more beneficial and much cheaper that the possible alternatives.
Suppose you want to take a long one-time drive to a destination where public transportation is problematic, rather than take a cab which could cost a significant sum, renting a car for one day could serve as an excellent economic solution for you.

Comfortable terms
Budget Company has branches across Israel, so that if renting a car in Israel is something you’re considering, we are the address for you.
We provide comfortable terms and attractive prices, and also give you the option of selecting the vehicle category you rent, and the biggest advantage is that you may return the vehicle at a different branch than the branch where you picked it up (usually with prior coordination). We at the Budget Company are obligated to accompany your vehicle rental experience in Israel with courteous quality service, wherein you may also receive advice regarding the type of vehicle that would suit the purpose for which you are renting the car.

Do you want a more efficient car rental experience?
Nowadays you can save a lot of time in renting a car through our website. All that’s left for you to do is select the type of vehicle you wish to rent, the pick-up and drop off locations, and the dates of rental and select your preferred insurance plan.