• The rental day is for 24 hours (or any portion of them)
• A delay of one hour over the scheduled return, the Lessee will be charged a third of the cost of a rental day at the rate of an additional day, including all supplementary services.

Delays of three hours and more, the Lessee will be charged a full additional day, including all supplementary services.

• The number of kilometers per rental period may vary depending on the promotions and rates of that period

 • Fuel: it is recommended to return the vehicle at the end of the rental period with a full tank of gas. If the vehicle is returned with an empty tank or partially filled tank, the renter will be charged missing fuel, as well as an additional service fee.

The required type of fuel must be determined in advance. Filling up with the wrong type of fuel will require the renter to pay for the damages caused to the vehicle.
• Credit card – the lessee should present to the Lessor a valid credit card, with his name imprinted on it and available credit for the required deposit.
The Lessee will be required to deposit an amount to be determined by the Lessor at the time of the collection in respect to the rental rate and charges. 
Electronic and Debit cards such as Visa Electron and Isracard Direct will not be accepted. 
• It is strictly forbidden to exit the country’s borders or to enter Palestinian Authority territories with the vehicle.
• Vehicle reservation – Budget reserves the right to supply a vehicle based on the vehicle group ordered. The pictures presented on the website are for illustration purposes only.
• Rental is subject to the general terms specified in Budget’s rental agreement.
• The prices and terms may change without prior notice.

• In the case of a delay of 3 hours or more from the time of pick up, Budget reserves the right to cancel the booking


• Reservations for vans, minivans and special vehicles: requests for vehicles from groups I, S, M, P, K, U, Y are subject to approval by the reservation center.


Cancellation fee

Cancellation and extension policy for prepaid reservations

• The customer is entitled to cancel his reservation within 14 days of making the reservation and at least two working days prior to the date of collection of the vehicle.

In the case of a cancellation in the mentioned framework, Budget is entitled to charge the customer a cancellation fee in the sum of 5% of the rental cost or NIS 100, whichever is lower.


A cancellation between 48 hours up until 5 hours prior to the scheduled pick up, the Lessee will be charged according to the vehicle group:

-       For vehicles from categories A to J groups, the Lessee will be charged one day rental

-       For vehicles from categories I to U, the Lessee will be charged two rental days, but not more than the reservation

• In case of cancellation less than 5 hours prior to the scheduled time, or in case of no-show, the tenant will be charged three days of rental, but no more than the price of the reservation


 • In case of cancellation, the renter must ensure that his request was received by Budget.
A confirmation will then be sent within two working days following reception.

• Budget will be entitled to charge the tenant a cancellation fee using the credit card provided

• In the case of shortening the rental, for whichever reason, no refund shall be made for the unused days.

• If the lessee lengthens the rental based on a prepaid order, there will be no discount on the extension, and the prices will be in accordance with the rates applicable at the time


Driving, renting, age of driver
The driver must have a valid driver’s license for over two years.


Minimum age requirements:

-       Groups G, J, H, P: 23 years old and minimum 2 years' valid driver's license

-       Groups I, K, S, M, W: 25 years old and minimum 2 years' valid driver's license

-       Groups U, Y: 28 years old and minimum 3 years' valid driver's license.


Only clients listed on the contract are permitted to drive the rented vehicle


Required documents:

-       Original valid driver's license (photocopy will not be accepted)

-       Original valid ID (Israeli ID / passport) and tourist Visa if applicable

-       Valid credit card of one of the listed drivers on the contract

-       2 valid credit cards are required for Mercedes GLC and GLE rentals



 The rental includes three types of insurance coverage:

• CDW & TP: Coverage for accidental damage and / or theft.

• THIRD PARTY LIABILITY: This program is intended only for credit card holders (American, Canadian or French) covering accidental damage and / or theft in Israel. This plan also includes damage coverage caused to a third party.

• SUPER CDW - Zero (0) deductible in case of damage / accident / theft, provided that the terms of the lease were not breached.


Negligence - Damage caused to the lower chassis and / or tires and / or windshields and / or the interior of the vehicle is not included in the insurance coverage. The Lessee will be held responsible for full damage.


CDW and TP plan
This mandatory plan includes comprehensive insurance excluding a preliminary deductible. In case of damage / accident / theft of the vehicle or caused to a third party, a deductible addition will apply between US$600 – US$2000 in accordance with the vehicle group. As stated, damages to the lower chassis, tires, windshields and interior are not covered by these insurance plans, and in case of damage they will be paid in full by the renter.


Third Party Liability plan
Possible only in cases where the customer has a credit card which covers CDW and TP insurances. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify the credit company, and his obligation to check whether this insurance is valid in Israel. In these cases the renter is obligated to purchase third party insurance.

Damage to the lower chassis and / or tires and / or windshields and / or the interior of the vehicle are not covered by this insurance coverage, and in the event of damage the lessee will be liable for the full amount of the damage.

Super CDW / TP 

This insurance is optional and will reduce the renter’s responsibility to Zero in case of damage or theft of the vehicle

Can be purchased only in conjunction with CDW/ TP. 
SCDW does not cover damage caused to the
lower chassis, tires, windshields and interior, provided that the terms of the lease were not breached.


Additional Fees:

Baby chair, booster, GPS and mobile phone are obtainable at an additional cost, depending on availability Additional driver: at extra cost and payable at the Budget branch directly
Airport charge: an additional fee will apply to any pick-up and/or drop-off at Ben Gurion Airport. The rate is subject to change without prior notice.

One way rentals are available at no additional charge to all locations in Israel except Eilat. 
One Way to / from Eilat:  a drop of fee will be applied to any rentals less than 6 consecutive days

Rentals less than 6 consecutive days: O/W fee:

-       groups B, C, X,  F ,G, J :  US $100,

-       special vehicles groups I, S, M, P, K, U, Y : US $280.


When booking a vehicle from Eilat, cancellation of 48 hours or less prior to the pick-up date will result in a 100% cancellation fee (regardless of the length of the rental)

Delivery and collection: In the event of delivery or collection of the vehicle from the customer, an additional charge will be charged


VAT: 17% tax will be applied to all rental components.
Tourists entering Israel and presenting a foreign passport with a B2, B3, or B4 visa stamp, or Diplomatic Passport are exempt from this charge.  The charge applies to foreign residents with Israeli citizenship.

In case of discrepancy between these terms and the rental agreement signed by the client upon receiving the vehicle, the rental agreement will prevail.

 Domicar Ltd. is the franchise of Budget Israel, 520038985.
Company Address: 1 Hasharon St., Airport City

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