Buy a Car Guide

Below are some important tips when you are about to purchase a vehicle:


Examining needs

First of all make sure that the vehicle is suitable for your needs! Think of the vehicle’s purpose – are you going to make long or short trips? Would the car mostly be used inside the city or outside of it, how many kilometers a years will you travel?
Who is the vehicle supposed to serve? You? The family? How many children? Are there any baby carriages? How much room is in the trunk? What about vehicle safety?
There are more than a few questions and there is no reason you should not bring them up with Budget’s sales consultant, who will help you ask the right questions and even give the answers, and find the most suitable car for you, the car that you really need.


Scheduling a meeting

Buying a car is considered the second most important purchase (following an apartment). More than a few times, people try to get the preliminary details regarding prices, vehicles, and additional details over the phone, though these are very hard to figure out over the telephone. It is advisable to make some time and come down for a meeting at one of Budget’s branches, our call center will arrange a meeting with one of our sales consultants at a time that’s convenient for you. At the site all of your questions will be answered, you can examine the vehicles, feel them, and drive them, all so you can be convinced that the vehicle is comfortable and suitable for you in all aspects.


Keeping an open mind

People tend to purchase vehicles that do not necessarily suit them, are out of their budget, that have rumors that are not necessarily true, or come in with past experience regarding a certain vehicle and formulated opinions regarding all vehicles and all sorts of opinions that lead to decisions which are not necessarily the right ones for them. You’d be surprised how many new things you’ll discover following an in depth consultation session with one of our consultants. You will discover new data, new models, surprising prices you never thought of before. The main thing is to come with a open mid to hear it all.


Full disclosure

Ask about the vehicle’s history – was the car used as a rental or for leasing? Was it involved in any serious accidents? What was replaced in the vehicle? Ask for the vehicle inspections if there are any, who were the vehicle’s previous owners?
At Budget we offer full transparency regarding the vehicle’s history, give you all the inspections it had undergone, enable you to take the car for your own inspection at a testing center of your choosing where you pay the center directly. All this so you would know exactly what you are buying.
At Budget we want you to come away happy, that you do whatever is necessary before you purchase the vehicle, so that all you’ll have to do afterwards is pick up your car and enjoy it.



You don’t always have the option of purchasing the vehicle in cash. Sometimes you need the assistance of a loan. Ask the sales consultant about financing options and you’ll discover that there are attractive plans which allow you to purchase the vehicle in a more convenient and more flexible way.


buy a car guide